Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bike Touring Fund Raiser Ideas

Picture of gardener working at an organic garden
Our store's community co-op garden established five years ago
I get a bit concerned when I realize that I haven't added any new content to this blog or the Bike Tourings site since October of last year.  Sakes, that is almost six months!  I require a bit of an explanation from myself : )

Hmm, it all began last August when the owner of the Juice Bar we had partnered with at a new commercial retail location for our store decided to abruptly and without notice permanently close her business.  Duh, that's it, no explanation required.  It has been months of hard work and effort to continue with our store's ability to conduct business as usual while contending with a stressful bout of "how the heck are we going to get that half of the lease paid?"  Especially now that we have had to buy out the juice bar business in order to move forward and clear the space for use. 
Picture of touring bike at local organic garden
Touring bike test ride with new kit to the Store's organic garden
Fortunately it has for the most part worked out but now that it's spring we are lacking some of the much needed financial support necessary to get the food co-op garden cranking again.  So, we sat down and had a business chat about some of our possible options to recuperate the unplanned large expenditure of purchasing the juice bar and decided it was time for a bike tour for fund raising ride.

Going for a nice long bike tour, enjoying the sights, meeting new people and feeling that I'm on a healthy vacation is one thing.  Conducting a fund raising tour is another matter when I consider how much work will be involved tending to providing updated content to social media and a blog.  It's the road of a digital nomad and from what I have heard from other bike touring folks who efforted to maintain a blog, let alone a fund raising ride it proved to be quite difficult for them.  

This post is simply meant to be a test run of emailing a post to this blog so that I can keep up with what I'm certain will be some very interesting content.  That's all for now and actually feeling glad that there aren't a whole lot of folks reading this blog, for now that is.

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