Friday, June 26, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bike Touring Around Your Hometown

Maybe you don't have the time to get away from it all for a weekend camping trip, let alone a several week long bike tour.  Grab your bike and head out to your local sights and simply play tourist for a day or more.  Making the time to just get out and ride makes room for appreciation of your local surroundings.  If you like photography or some other activity such as fishing or even shopping you can create your own little bicycle tour.

Picture of touring bike and rider with sunset
Dreaming of far away places for the "epic" bike tour isn't necessarily a waste of time.
Picture of touring bike and bridge at dusk
Discover unique perspectives that come from knowing your area.

Picture of touring bike parked outside of local historical landmark
If you're lacking creative inspiration check out some of the local landmarks as a tourist might.

Picture of Bridgestone touring bike and love
Sometimes you might just be pleasantly surprised by what you might find

Have a fun and safe pedal filled summer, wherever your travels might take you.