Saturday, November 30, 2013

Natural Living, Bike Tourings and Simple Seats for Natural Biking

Organic, Healthy Foods Combined with Bike Travel including bicycle touring and commuting is a recipe for a healthy lifestyle.  

This is our new Natural Biking blog where we bring it all together for a fun, interactive way to share with family and friends without feeling so scattered. Bikes, wood working, organic foods and other sustainable products are represented and shared via this platform.  We are working hard to keep up with all the things we enjoy doing and still have time to share the joy of those efforts with others.

I just wanted to update this while Lisa is busy in the kitchen making Christmas gift baskets for our Food Co-op customers.  It's almost 11pm and she is still hard at it.  I caught a nasty old flu bug and was in bed with a fever over Thanksgiving.  This is a very busy time of year for us, working hard to make improvements for ourselves as well as for others.

Setting the new vibe of the combined elements of Natural Living, Bike Tourings and Simple Seats to wish folks a safe and happy holiday season.