Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mountain Bike for Touring

Good mountain bike frame design for bike touring offered in a classic Diamond Back Ascent EX circa '91.
If there was ever a good reason for installing dirt drop bars on a mountain bike one designed for touring settled that conflict of adding road style drop bars to a mountain bike. 

For more information regarding the Origin8 Gary2 Bars visit Biketourings' Review and build of this rare design.  Bike's original stem and flat bar did not complement the long top tube in a way to provide comfortable performance or handling, particularly for the long haul.  By replacing the stem and adding the dirt drop bars this is a very nice bike for just about any type of riding.  By adding the Kenda Small Block Eights in 26 x 2.35 the tires provide nice cushion and roll efficiently and effectively over most terrain.  

mountain bike for touring and commuting
Mountain bike for touring with dirt drop bars
Some bikes beckon to ride them and this is one of those that when you're walking past it you want to hop on it and take it for a spin.  I have some experience with short and shallow bars but the dirt drop bars flare out a bit and with a 530mm width I was concerned they might be a bit wide.  They are very wide but surprisingly comfortable as the brake hoods are not too wide and is where I would place my hands on longer jaunts through the countryside.  

test riding mountain bike with dirt drop bars
Test rode the build with handlebar bag full of photo equipment and loved the way it handled.  
Components For this Build Included:

mountain bike for touring with dirt drop bars
'91 Diamond Back Ascent EX mountain bike for touring