Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Photo Bike Tour of Texas

Picture of touring bike rider in front of barn
Looking over touring bike outside of an old Texas farm barn
Having the opportunities to photograph in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and much of the four corners area I wasn't sure what to expect prior to moving to Texas.  Political and other societal differences aside I am always much more concerned with what the natural beauty of an area has to offer.  My concerns were immediately dashed away with my first photography bike excursion.

Picture of mountain bike and cattle pasture at sunset
What many folks think of when they ponder Texas imagery.
Pedaling along many of the quiet country roads I observed the potential for images like that created above by arriving in the right place at the right time.  A well seasoned professional travel photographer once commented that the best sunsets he has seen anywhere in the world are in Texas and Africa.  I agree that they are consistently nice.

Picture of touring bike wheel with Texas Hill Country Sunrise
Sunrise on Texas Hill Country
Texas Hill Country is the bike capitol of Texas for good reason.  With rolling picturesque hills and valleys it also some of the more expensive real estate in Texas and for good reason.  It's beautiful.

Picture of Kemah Bay Marina, Gulf Coast, Texas
Fog and mist at Kemah Marina
It's not at all fair to compare the Texas Gulf Coast to the Pacific Coast.  They are very different with the Gulf Coast possessing much more industry for tourism and commercial fishing.  Waters are much warmer, full of jelly fish and has a brown hue from the currents stirring sediment.

Picture of Bridgestone Mountain Bike for touring with colorful skies in League City, Texas
At Longhorn Butler Park in League City, TX
There is no shortage of quaint, clean parks and League City has some of the nicest where folks enjoy fishing ponds and recreational boat launches to the nearby Clear Lake area.

Picture of touring bike with Nassau Bay sunset in background
Nassau Bay, Texas 
Since moving to League City, Texas more than six years ago I have since formed an inspiring partnership  with Lisa Piper and our Natural Living Co-op, Cafe and Garden has been a boon for us as well as our community.  While taking a break from working on our Fundraising Campaign for our Co-op and Garden I got to reminiscing about this lovely area as I make preparations to leave for several weeks.  

Picture of touring bike at Natural Living Co-op Garden, Dickinson, TX
Test ride of touring bike for fundraiser at our six year strong organic food co-op garden 
Lisa, our loyal staff of employees and volunteers have helped to build and implement some very important aspects of forming a network of local organic food suppliers including farmers, gardeners, ranchers and other skilled product vendors.  It has been inspiring to observe and contribute to such a unique business model at our Natural Living Country Store which has continued to diversify while sustaining itself and others over these past several years.  It might prove to be a bit of a daunting task to take on this solo bike tour fundraising ride in the weeks and months to come but it is something I know is worth riding for.  So, with some trepidation and excitement I continue to plan a route to visit other organic farms, gardens, food co-ops and ranches in honor of folks who are working hard to change our nation's food supply for our communities. Use any of the links provided in underlined bold text for more information about our own efforts for the community.